Employee Handbooks

Does your Company have an Employee Handbook?
Do your employees know what your company personnel policies and requirements are?
Is this information in writing?
Have your employees signed off as understanding what your policies are?
Have you, as the employer, considered applicable state laws pertaining to employment?

Have you made your rules clear pertaining to the following areas:
:: General Company Overview
:: Employment Status
:: Benefits Offered
:: Payroll and Compensation Information
:: Attendance and Punctuality
:: Performance Reviews
:: Conduct and Standards
:: Safety
:: Care and Security of Company Property

Far too often, smaller companies place all their focus and efforts on running the day to day operations that make the company successful.
I am offering an opportunity to solidify, in writing, by means of an Employee Handbook that will address the elements as listed above as applicable to your specific company. Contact me for more information and pricing.